July 2020 Pat Perrys keynote speech "Magic Leadership" as an online experience. Pat builts a bridge from his life as a performance artist to your business world. Communication, motivation, vision and transformation in a refreshing new perspective.  Video-Trailer

March 2020 Pat Perrys Performance at your Video-Conference.

June 2019 Movietrailer of Pat Perrys new show "FIFTY-FIFTY Die Magie der Entscheidung"

November 2017 Videoclips "Facts and Fake" for Direct Day of Swiss Post. Project-details at Frame Factory Site (Producton & Screen Design). Resulting Clips.

March 24 2017 Swiss Newspaper Tages-Anzeiger conftonts Pat Perry with the President of Swiss Skeptics. Article about this special occation: Tages-Anzeiger: "Selbstversuch des obersten Skeptikers"

January 19 2017 Premiere of "umdenkbar"
Opening Night of Pat Perry's new Show "umdenkbar" in CLOSE-Theatre.

Januar 2017 Pat Perry in Talkshow "persönlich" at Radio DRS1.

Januar 2015 Portrait inTages-Anzeiger, Zurich Newspaper

January 28 2015 Pat Perry opens his own Theatre in Zurich. CLOSE - Close Up Theatre for Mentalmagic. Tickets avalable online. (actual performances in swiss german)